AI Governance, Compliance and Safety in Financial Services

ICAIF’21 Workshop - Online Event


The workshop will explore AI Governance, Compliance and Safety in Financial Services, with a focus on industrial experience (through the inclusion of practitioner and real-world case-studies).

Reliance on algorithms in FS is becoming ubiquitous. Indeed, soon there will be innumerable algorithms making decisions with minimal human intervention in FS. Indeed, scaling to problems beyond humans is a major point of using such algorithms in the first place. With this corporations are increasingly concerned about their algorithms causing major financial or reputational damage. A high-profile case includes Knight Capital’s bankruptcy (~$450M) by a glitch in its algorithmic trading system. In response, governments are legislating and imposing bans, regulators fining companies, and the Judiciary discussing potentially making algorithms artificial “persons” in Law.

As such there is an acute need for robust AI governance; under this must be captured two ends of the spectrum, namely legal compliance and engineering tools and solutions to address this. This workshop presents a series of panels and paper presentations that cover this spectrum: compliance, governance, auditing and safety. Each theme will be chaired by leading experts from academia and industry.

Broader stakeholders ranging from those working on policy and regulation, to industry practitioners and developers, will be interested. We also anticipate the nature and scope of the AI governance and frameworks presented will inform those interested in systems of governance and compliance to regulation/standards.

Workshop Information

Members of the organising committee have presented either directly on AI Governance, Compliance and Safety in Financial Services, and on subjects related, such as AI certification and assurance. This workshop will be the first time that a dedicated programme will be arranged - as such, this is not a continuation of a series of workshops in other venues but a novel and first-time event.

Workshop Organisers

  • Dr. Adriano Koshiyama Research Fellow, UCL Computer Science
  • Dr. Emre Kazim, Research Fellow, UCL Computer Science
  • Dr. Lukasz Szpruch, Assoc. Prof. at University of Edinburgh and Director of Finance & Economics at The Alan Turing Institute.
  • Prof. Philip Treleaven, Professor and Director of UK Financial Computing Centre at UCL
  • Hirsh Pithadia, Research at UCL Computer Science & Co-Founder RegulAItion

Programme and Reviewing Committee

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lomas, Associate Professor at the UCL Department of Information Studies
  • Dr. Tharsis Pinto Souza, VP Product Management at Two Sigma
  • Sally Sfeir-Tait, CEO RegulAItion
  • Marvin Tewarrie, Principle Data Scientist at Bank of England
  • Janet Adams, COO SingularityNet
  • Charles Kerrigan, Partner Banking & International Finance at CMS
  • Rachel Kirkham, Executive Director of Audit and Risk Analytics at
  • Mick Gregorovic, Senior Manager at London Stock Exchange Group


4 hour programme: 16 presentations : 4 sessions (4 presentations per session)

Important Dates

  • Deadline for workshop submission: Sept 25, 2021*
  • Feedback to authors: Oct 5, 2021*
  • Workshop: 3 Nov 8:00 am-12:00 pm EST
* Subject to change - Likely to be postponed by a week


AI Governance

AI risk management from the perspective of technologies and frameworks that holistically govern AI. This includes governance-by-design, computer executable compliance and reporting, and innovation.

AI Auditing

Explores the emerging nature of AI auditing and its relationship with traditional auditing - how this fits into develops on AI certification, assessment and reporting.

AI Compliance

Focuses on the critical developments on AI and regulation - including current and upcoming legislation (both national level and sector specific).

AI Safety

Discussing the ever-growing need of new forms of stress testing, monitoring procedures and mechanisms for early indication of risk - these include the use of concept drift detectors, synthetic data/market generation etc.

Call For Papers

Practitioners and researchers interested in participating in this workshop should submit a 2-4 pages long research or position paper that focuses at least in one of the session's descriptions.

They should include one of these terms in the keywords: AI Governance, AI Auditing, AI Compliance, and/or AI Safety to facilitate the review and assignment process.

Depending on the volume of submissions, we may include a poster session to accommodate more speakers.

Paper Formatting and Submission

Please refer to the conference website for more information.